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Swimming pool
Salt bath
Kids pool


Wellness world of the Hotel Partizán offers a range of activities for families with children. Your kids will have a lot of fun with water attractions while you can comfortably relax in the rest zone for mums. 

Our guests can also enjoy newly opened Aqua & Kids – salt spa with rejuvenating effects on the skin which regenerates and relaxes the whole body.

Pool with a counterflow and water shot

Relaxing pool for those who are keen on swimming.

Kids’ pool of Ferdo

Kids’ pool of Ferdo the Ant  with water attractions and resting areas (for kids under 10 years).

Panorama whirlpool

Body hydromassage, capacity 10 persons. Entry for kids under 12 years is allowed only with an adult.

Salt bath

It is a pool with platforms for sitting containing salt sea water with a temperature of 34-35 ºC. Recommended bathing time should not exceed 15 minutes, 1-2 times a week. The bath should be followed by rest and relaxation. The bath is beneficial for people with problems of the musculoskeletal system, especially spine and joints; it reduces pain and helps people with chronic skin problems. Bathing in salt spa has a cosmetic effect, helps regenerate the skin and relieves from headaches and tension. There is also a resting area with 14 beds and the Nest - a romantic relaxing place for two. Entry for kids under 12 years is allowed only with an adult.


Romantic relaxing zone for pairs. 


  1. Reception
  2. Dressing room
  3. Showers
  4. Kid´s pool of Ferdo the Ant
  5. Pool with counterflow and water shot
  6. Panorama whirlpool
  7. Salt spa
  8. Table tennis
  9. Multifunctional sports hall
Dressing room
Kid´s pool of Ferdo the Ant
Pool with counterflow and water shot
Panorama whirlpool
Salt spa
Table tennis
Multifunctional sports hall

Nature Wellness center entrances

Entry to Nature wellness center

for non-accommodated guests

30.00 €
Regional ticket

Regional ticket for Brezno inhabitants 15 - 60 years / 3 hours

25.00 €
Seniors, Handicapped persons

Entry to wellness for seniors and handicapped persons / 3 hours

21.00 €
Group discount 5 = 4

5=4 group discount 5 persons over 15 years / entry to wellness for 3 hours

120.00 €
Kids entry

Entry kid under 15 years / 3 hours

14.00 €
Kids entry

Entry kid under 5 years / 3 hours

6.00 €
Season ticket

10 entries for one person

199.00 €