Private wellness | WELLNESS Hotela PARTIZÁN ****
Private wellness
Private wellness

Open the door to wellness paradise just for you -
- Private wellness of the HOTEL PARTIZÁN****


Get carried away with the intimate atmosphere that will delight your senses. Hide from the world in the embrace of wood and lovely fabrics.
Enjoy the atmosphere of private spa and revive your senses with aphrodisiac and aromatic massages. Essential oils and massage candles are mixed based on secret recipes.
Discover your bodies in the light of candles. Dream about the future holding hands in the softness of the bed. Enjoy each other’s touch and tender cuddles in the bubbles and whirls of modern Jacuzzi. It’s up to you what intensity you choose. 
Experience the most romantic moments you will never forget ...
... in the private wellness Sun SPA.

Stylish private wellness offers:
Whirlpool for two with a pleasant music
Hot Finnish Aroma Sauna
Shower with natural beauty products
Decorated massage tables for two
Stylish relaxing bed
Soft bathrobes and SPA slippers
Tea and Coffee Set
2 bottles of mineral water to quench thirst


Diamond Privat wellness
360 min
689.00 €
Package includes: private wellness rental for 6 hours, a bottle of Champagne Dom Perignon, chocolate bonbons, bowl with nut variations, delicates snack - cheeses, dried ham, smoked salmon, prawns, caviar, fresh vegetable and fruit 1kg, strawberries in dark and white chocolate, bunch of roses, "YES for love" box, aphrodisiac massage with candle
Gold Private wellness
240 min
359.00 €
Package includes: private wellness rental for 4 hours, a bottle of Moët & Chandon, chocolate bonbons, bowl with nut variations, cheese variations with fresh grape and olives, aphrodisiac massage with candle
Silver Privat wellness
120 min
179.00 €
Package includes: Private wellness rental for 2 hours, fresh fruit (1 ks) and a bottle of sparkling wine Hubert de Luxe for your relaxing moments.