Sunny SPA
Pamper yourself...
... forget about stress


New spaces Spa & Balneo & Fitness on the area of 500 m2.
The concept is based on the forest that surrounds the hotel.


Start healthy exercise in the fitness center with new elements in the interior of the forest and after exercise relax in a tub full of hot water. Common bath we promoted to the healing hydrotherapy. You will be enriched not only by light therapy but also the effects of mountain herbs beneficial to health. The result is a hydromassage in thematic rooms with the use of health effects of birch, lavender and other herbs.

Sunny SPA

  1. Tea room
  2. Manicure / pedicure
  3. Cosmetic room Elderberry
  4. Massage room Cinnamon
  5. Massage room Sunflower
  6. Collagenarium
  7. Massage room Horsetail
  8. Massage room Lavender
  9. Massage room Birch
Tea room
Manicure / pedicure
Cosmetic room Elderberry
Massage room Cinnamon
Massage room Sunflower
Massage room Horsetail
Massage room Lavender
Massage room Birch

Balneo a Fitness

  1. Fitness
  2. Salt baths
  3. Herbal baths and wraps
  4. Hydromassage baths
  5. Private wellness
Salt baths
Herbal baths and wraps
Hydromassage baths
Private wellness