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Multifunctional sports hall


We provide space for many sport activities. Thanks to spacious multifunctional hall situated directly inside the hotel, you can enjoy sports as much as you like at one place. You can also borrow sport equipment which is included in the price of the rental. 
Our hotel guests have free entrz to fitness area.
Entry to fitness is permitted to persons from 12 years.


26/5000 Multifunctional sports hall

Table tennis
60 min
6.00 €
Try an unforgettable and fun sporting activity.
60 min
10.00 €
Squash can be played in the multifunctional hall on the courts. Rackets and ball rental at the reception.
Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball
60 min
19.00 €
Come to play any of favourite sports. Please write choosen activity to the "Note" field in reservation form.