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Vital & Sauna


Get comfortable and relaxed in Vital & Sauna world of the Hotel Partizán. Enjoy a variety of classic or less traditional saunas and pamper your body and mind. Wide offer of wellness activities will help you to purify your body, get nice relax and eliminate stress and fatigue, so you can start new working week rested and regenerated.

For children under 15 years is permitted entry only to Family Saunas.

Hot sauna

It is a classic Finnish sauna. After overheating, the body must cool down and relax for a while. Our hot sauna has an attractive sauna furnace which automatically moistens the area by moving lava stones from the area of the furnace into a bucket of water. This automatic process keeps stable humidity of the area. We do not recommend these types of sauna for individuals with heart conditions, high blood pressure, acute infections, individuals who suffered heart attack in the past, individuals above 70 years of age or individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Eliminates fatigue and headaches, temperature 45 – 60 °C, humidity 55 – 60% , recommended length of stay 15 – 25 minutes.

Forest sauna

This is a procedure of mild overgeating. After you overheat, it is important to cool down. A unique part of our forest sauna is a special sauna furnace "HERBA" which allows you to inhale herbs, needles etc. Inhaled natural products are in regular intervals moistened with cold water and this reaction of hot and cold ensures intensive release of aroma, essential oils etc. We do not recommend these types of sauna for individuals with heart conditions, high blood pressure, acute infections, individuals who suffered heart attack in the past, individuals above 70 years of age or individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Helps to unblock the airways, temperature 55 – 60 °C, humidity 50 – 60 % , recommended length of stay 15 – 20 minutes, repeat 2 - 3 times.

Infra sauna

It is a mild procedure of overheating the body and is suitable for people who do not favour high temperatures. Deep warmth stimulates muscles and organs and the resulting effect is strong sweating. Body temperature rises and the circulation of blood increased. Infra sauna is very pleasant and does not strain the organism. This procedure uses infra-red emitters manufactured by the renowned company Physiotherm.
Improves blood circulation, stimulates muscles and organs, temperature 40 – 42 °C, humidity 42 – 45 % , recommended length of stay 15 – 20 minutes, repeat twice.

Steam eucalyptus sauna

Steam sauna with eucalyptus aroma.
Temperature 42 - 44 °C, humidity 100 % , recommended length of stay 10 – 15 minutes.

Fox hole

It is a combination of steam sauna and foot massage. You can massage your feet and feel the steam at the same time. The Fox hole is uniquely pleasant experience!
Helps to eliminate feet pain and fatigue, temperature 42 – 45 °C, humidity 100% , recommended length of stay 15 – 25 minutes.

Herbal sauna

It is classic Finnish sauna. The area is scented with natural aromas of jasmine and camomile. Inhaling the aroma in pleasant atmosphere has calming effects. The aromatherapy is used for the treatment and disinfection of the upper airways, has soothing effect on human skin and helps against tiredness and headache.
Helps to relieve restlessness and anxiety, treats the airways, regenerates the skin, temperature 45 – 60 °C, humidity 55 – 60% , recommended length of stay 15 – 25 minutes.

Steam bath among pipes

The air isn't saturated with natural oils what is appreciated by the persons with allergies. This procedure will clear up upper airways. Moist air positively affects your skin, increases blood circulation and the skin cleans itself intensively. The skin becomes soft and smooth. Steam bath has positive effects for persons with weakend blood vessels, blood clots and respiratory tract illnesses.
Suitable for people with allergies, weakened airways or illnesses of the respiratory tract, temperature 42 – 44 °C, humidity 100% , recommended length of stay 15 – 25 minutes.

Kneipp path

Four monolithic pools with the technology of automatic intake and discharge  of water. Hot water is aerated. The difference of water temperature in individual pools of 15 - 36 °C makes this procedure unique for increasing blood circulation in your feet. Pebbles will massage the lower part of your feet.
Improves blood flow in the whole body, temperature 15 – 36 °C, recommended length of stay 5 – 8 minutes, recommended time to remain in one pool is 30 seconds.

Whirlpool panorama jacuzzi

Whirlpool for 10 persons. Each person has for his/her disposal hydro massage jets with aeration, central jet at the bottom and air geyser. During 20 minutes the blood starts to roperly circulate in your body.
Improves blood flow in the whole body, temperature 34 – 36 °C, recommended length of stay 15 – 25 minutes.

Drift ice

Cooling procedure with anthe possibility to massage the whole body with ice.
Improves blood flow in the whole body, temperature -4 °C, recommended time of cooling 1 – 2 minutes.

Mountain creek and Ice bucket

It is a part of cooling area situated by the cooling pool and it is intended to cool your body in a mild form. Water volume is approx. 12 l. This is the area for cooling down after warm and hot procedures. Cool down the body by slowly walking into the pool, the more courageous can jump into the cold water. Cooling down the body by a shock therapy is the most beautiful procedure for sauna enthusiasts.
Improves blood flow in the whole body, temperature 8 – 12 °C, recommended time of cooling 1 – 5 minutes.

Special recommendation:
Do not overestimate your abilities and never cool down by yourself.

Feet bath

Heated mosaic bench with two buckets for your feet. The procedure is a nice gesture for our tired feet. We add water, aromatic salt and bath our feet in about 35ºC water for 15 minutes. When the procedure is finished we will drain the water and rinse the bucket.
Temperature 28 – 36 °C, recommended length of stay 10 – 15 minutes.

Gravel beach

We offer you an opportunity to relax and dream while walking on the heated pebbles and looking at the surounding nature. Half an hour will be enough for you to get relaxed.
Temperature 32 – 35 °C, recommended length of stay 25 – 30 minutes.

Panoramic restroom

If you walk from the tepidarium with rocking lounge chairs and crackling fireplace to heated restroom, you will find the area of ​​120 m2 with 35 convenient places to relax with a perfect view of the valley of the Low Tatras. In addition, you can relax on the couch with classical anatomical head restraints, there is also a nice comfortable bed with adjustable backrest and memory foam mattresses. A pleasant surprise for the completion of the atmosphere is calm mountain streams.


Relaxing zone with rocking lounders and fire place. 

Vital & sauna

  1. Forest sauna
  2. Hot sauna
  3. Infra sauna
  4. Gravel beach
  5. Tepidarium
  6. Panorama whirlpool
  7. Kneipp path
  8. Laconium
  9. Feet bath
  10. Vital corner
  11. Drift ice
  12. Steam bath among pipes
  13. Herbal sauna
  14. Fox hole
  15. Summer rain shower
  16. Igloo - dew, rain and storm
  17. A sip of water
  18. Ice bucket
  19. Mountain creek
  20. Panoramic terrace
  21. Rest zone
Forest sauna
Hot sauna
Infra sauna
Gravel beach
Panorama whirlpool
Kneipp path
Feet bath
Vital corner
Drift ice
Steam bath among pipes
Herbal sauna
Fox hole
Summer rain shower
Igloo - dew, rain and storm
A sip of water
Ice bucket
Mountain creek
Panoramic terrace
Rest zone