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Beautiful skin with the forces of nature. Treat your skin with true luxury.


Spanish cosmetics MASSADA offers a wide range of natural and mineral products and treatments for complete care of face and body. Products are professionally processed and raw materials come from the Dead Sea, Jordan, Japan, Chile, Senegal and France. MASSADA offers not only relax but also solutions for the fight against wrinkles, acne and pigmentation spots.

80 min
129.00 €
Facial treatment which fights the five signs of ageing thanks to caviar in small young epidermal cells and its high concentration of fatty acids and amino acids. It provides essential nutrients, enhances the natural process of regeneration, restores dynamic condition of the skin and helps to reduce wrinkles and other signs of ageing. It is recommended for people over 45 years.
80 min
129.00 €
Luxurious treatment which restores the density of the skin from the inside out and greatly increases the thickness of the tissue and its natural volume. Nehulum fills wrinkles and grooves, improves the condition of the tissues and strengthens the area around cheekbones and above eyebrows, and the contours of the whole face. It is recommended for people over 45 years.
Pearl Treatment
60 min
103.00 €
Moisturizing and brightening treatment which gives the skin a radiant and youthful appearance thanks to the activity of pearl powder rich in amino acids. The treatment hydrates, tones and protects. It accelerates skin renewal without irritation or photosensitivity. The treatment is ideal for brides and before special occasions when we wish to achieve a radiant complexion. Recommended for people over 28 years. 
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